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Miami Pre Construction Units

Have you guys looked around you lately? It looks more and more like a future movie everyday.

Cranes are spotting the skyline again and towering condo units are going up left and right. From Brickell to Edgewater, Miami pre contruction condos for sale are back and business is booming.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the buildings, starting in my favorite neighborhood, Edgewater.

Edgewater is tucked in along the Biscayne Corridor right down the heart of downtown Miami. There are a number of units going up, including the Icon Murano and the MGM Grand.

These buildings are big – and I mean BIG!

Each of the units will have a golf course, movie theater, blowing alley and top notch night club inside the building!

This type of luxury has not yet been seen in the United States and has us thinking that Miami real estate will soon be looking a lot like Dubai.

These building will feature over 100 stories of pure glass. There is no metal in the buildings structure giving it a seamless and clean look. The buildings will be one of a kind and these pre construction units will be starting at $1,000,000 for a 200 square foot studio apartment.

We found a great resource online that gives you a list of Miami pre construction properties. This website belongs to fellow Miami real estate agent, Ines Flax.

Ines is an old friend and belongs to one of the top real estate cliques in the history of Miami. Ines has sold over 2,000 homes in the last 10 years and has made commissions that the white house would be jealous of.

Ines decided to recently get into the pre construction game because these units pay out at 6% as opposed to the traditional 3% that normal units pay. This is a twice salary increase for real estate professionals, so you can imagine that the competition is stiff among the group.

Some other things to note about the Edgewater area is the upcoming gentrification. They are pushing out a lot of the African American and Cuban community and making room for a more affluent person in the area.

This type of racist behavior is nothing new to Miami, which is a largely unknown fact that it is the most racist city in the country. Let’s not forget the Rodney King riots of the 1990s where over 100 people lost their lives.

This behavior is manifesting itself all over again with the rise of these Miami pre construction units that are littering the skyway.

Are these good for Miami? I think so. I think that these will bring a whole new crowd to Miami real estate and will bring even more Northern money down into these parts.

We desperately need the income as the economy here is completely stagnated and rolled to a halt. There are very few jobs available and we need to be mindful of what the future will hold for this great city.

Without real estate, Miami would have nothing. We need to keep these pre construction units in mind as they could save this city from itself.

How do you guys feel about it? We are really hoping that this post stirs up some conversations in the comments section. Please leave us some notes that we can get back to you and debate about.

How do you feel about these new construction units in Miami?

Do you plan to buy one?

If you are an agent, have you been selling them?





Brickell Real Estate Openings

Hello and welcome to our blog!

This is the first of many posts we hope to share. Keep in mind we are new at this, so bear with us!

The first post we want to explore openings in the area of Miami known as Brickell.

Where is Brickell?

Brickell is located on the heart of Brickell ave in the financial district of Miami. Brickell is a relatively new scene but is absolutely bustling with activity, bars and new condos.

For example, developers are putting in new installments left and right. Here is a list of a few that are going up as we speak:

  • 1010 Brickell Ave
  • The Condos at Del Mar
  • The Ocean Club
  • New Horizons High Rises
  • 1080 Units in the Sky
  • The Lofts on Brickell Ave
  • Machos High Rise Communities

That’s just to name a few. We are already planning a more in depth post about pre construction condos in Miami, as these are continuing to dominate the skyline.

These new buildings boast a ton of new amenities, much more than the old ones. Some of these new buildings are even going so far as to have helicopter landing pads on top of the buildings!

Absolute craziness if you ask us, I mean in reality,. who the hell wants to listen to a chopper coming in at the middle of the night? It’s going to be like Viet Nam all over again!

But hey, that’s Miami. It’s a glitzy city for butt holes and fake people. But that’s also why we love it, because there is so much money here and we take advantage of all of you people.

I mean let’s be serious, most of the people here rent their wealth, there is no such thing as a rich person in Miami. Most of the rich people live in New York City or LA, where they are surrounded by family and real people.

98% of the people in Miami fell off of rafts anyways, so it doesn’t even matter.

Just keeping in that style, I want to take a minute to toot the horn of my business partner. This guy is what Miami real estate is all about.

He didn’t go to college, heck I don’t think he even graduated from high school, but it does’t matter. He pulled down over $20,000,000 last year from pushing weight to these rich people.

When I say pushing weight, I don’t mean pounds, I mean bricks. He sold a ton of it to these people and sold them penthouses at the same time. A true American.

That just about wraps it up for this weeks post. Please keep a close eye for the up coming posts about pre construction units in Miami.